Compile VxWorks Toronado project under Visual Studio

I have a VxWorks project that compiles under Toronado on my Win7 machine. I am trying to convert the same project to compile in my Visual Studio 2010. I don't need it to complete to where it creates a .o/out file but at least get through all the defines/includes and etc. so I can use Visual Studio's IDE for definition jumping and etc.. I'm at a point where I'm getting a 'undeclared identifier' for "_interrupt" which is included in several include files from the ..\tornado\target\config\ folder.

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Look for it in tornado and add include directory to visual studio project?
atomicgs12Author Commented:
I guess I should have made myself a little clearer, of course I have included all files that relate to any includes errors I just do not see any header files that define '_interrupt'. The file that is getting the error from is c:\tornado2.2\target\config\vcpsoc\ext\h\irq.h. Inside of irq.h there are declarations like "BuError_t BuInstallIsr(void(_interrupt _far *Isr)(void));" and '_interrupt' is unknown. '_interrupt' should be a keyword. Is there some way to define '_interrupt' in Visual Studio to get past this compile error?

On normal OS it is in locore.S
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atomicgs12Author Commented:
What is a normal 'OS'?
what is the full path to 'locare.s' on a "normal OS"?
ABC i di not write locura.S
Use windows search box and search for *.S files that are couple of lowlevel functions written in assembly.
Usually it is in src/sys/arch/*/, but vxworks is in no way normal system
atomicgs12Author Commented:
After some google searching I've determined _interrupt has to be a keyword that Visual Studio will understand. I just need now some help with adding the keyword "_interrupt" to Visual Studio. I did add it to the usertypes.dat file but that only creates a color for the key word I still get a 1>c:\tornado2.2\target\config\vcpsoc\ext\h\irq.h(94): error C2065: '_interrupt' : undeclared identifier when compiling.

Any other suggestions out there?
You should not compile vxworks with visual studio compiler. It will not work.
Check defines in header files etc, maybe you succeed.
Since vxworks is proprietary product sadly nobody but windriver can help you.
trinitrotolueneDirector - Software EngineeringCommented:
since you just need a project to help you with easy browsing of the code, why don't you just comment out the offending code and compile.

Also with Intellisense you don't even need to compile to build the project. Use the latest version of Visual Studio

Alternately use a source code editor like SourceInsight to help you with resolving all the references and definitions.

At the end of the day, compiling code meant for VxWorks on a Windows based compiler is a pointless exercise
atomicgs12Author Commented:
Worthless responses and help.

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atomicgs12Author Commented:
So called experts are just a waste of time on this site anymore.
Did you manage to compile anything with visual studio?
Why you think others waste time when you do it and we try to keep you out of it?
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