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Webcam recommendations

Hi experts

I am looking to purchase a webcam for a desktop computer. This is mainly for Skype. I tend not to be a cheap person and like quality. On the other hand, for Skype, it would seem that a webcam is a webcam. Most of the inexpensive ones are Logitech. Logitech is a proven company, although they are frustrating with their marketing strategy of offering over 100 mice. (OK, so I exaggerate a little)

Anyway, if I am willing to spend anywhere in the $100 to $400 range, and I want a good quality webcam, what would be some recommendations? I know some have mics and some do zoom, etc. Not sure if I would need that.

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I purchased a Microsoft Webcam (5000 I think) for under $100, clipped it to my monitor and it works great with Skype and Citrix Web Meeting. Good camera and stays OFF when not in use.
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Thanks John as usual. I will Google that one.
It is a Microsoft Life Cam 5000 (5001)
OK, I will take a look.
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Hi dbrunton,

What a coincidence. Just checking that one out as well as the C930e. And, the orbit. Do you have any preference over any of these three?
I'm familiar with the C920 - do use it - and can recommend it.

Don't know the others.

Browsing the 'Net, the 930 seems to be a higher quality version of the 920 aimed at business users.

That Orbit is probably overkill for just Skyping.  If you are moving around the room a lot and require high definition then it might be worth looking at.

Note that both the top of the line Logitech and Microsoft webcams are both excellent devices.
Thanks John and dbrunton. Appreciate the quick feedback.