Which mobile application platform is best to learn?

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I'm just exploring my options. Which mobile app platform has the biggest market share? Is it Android, iOS, or something else? From an entrepreneurial perspective, which is more lucrative?

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The answer today is to use Apple's Xcode 6.4 that bundles Swift 1.2 to produce apps for iPad, iPhones and the watch.  Swift is a new language that let's you bring apps to market quickly and makes it easier to storyboard.

It is always possible one could come up with a unique and highly desired app that is NOT available for either Android or iOS.  If that is the case with your app, then whatever market you support first will be the most lucrative.

but in the grand scheme of things, the odds of that happening are pretty low.  So just port to the apple line FIRST and you'll bring in the $$$


Thank you for your responses.

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