.haschanges ?

here it is:

        If sform.RO_InvRecall_DS1.HasChanges() Then
            IsDirty = True
            IsDirty = False
        End If

the problem:
if I DO NOT call the "ENDEDIT" AND/OR THE "VALIDATE" methods "HASCHANGES" always comes back FALSE
if I DO call the "ENDEDIT" AND/OR THE "VALIDATE" methods "HASCHANGES" always comes back TRUE

whether I make changes to the DS or not - the changes are in the dataset correctly???

Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me?
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Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
If you do not call EndEdit, the DataSet is not changed, because the data has not been transferred from the controls to the DataSet. This is what EndEdit does.

Now, if EndEdit always set HasChanged to True, its because something has changed. It might not be something that has been changed on the form itself by the user. It can be something that is triggered by the code. Check the code carefully to make sure that it does not make changes to the controls values or directly to the table(s) in the DataSet.
MBHEY131Author Commented:
Check the code carefully to make sure that it does not make changes to the controls values or directly to the table(s) in the DataSet.
That was an earlier thought I had and upon inspection of the code (I DON'T KNOW) what's changing the set - however I am testing a datepicker chunk of code that I made a short date so no time gets saved but after a save nothing changes?? what I mean is that my issue does not change!

will look at the code more closely!
MBHEY131Author Commented:
Is there a chunk of code I could put together in .haschanges that would let me know the offending control that's transferring the different info from the original dataset?
Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
First of all, it is possible that the change is made by the code, not by a control. This is why I suggested that you revise your code.

Second, its not the DataSet that is changed, it's the tables that it contains. The DataSet is a container of tables, not a container of data. So when the data changes, its a DataTable that is changed, not the DataSet. The DataSet changes only when you add or removed tables from it.

There is are a couple of events that are triggered whenever a change is done to a DataTable. You might catch that event, pause in it with a breakpoint, and look at the Call Stack to know what triggered the change.

First create an event method to catch the event, something like the following:

	Private Sub table_RowChanging(sender As Object, e As DataRowChangeEventArgs)
		If e.Action = DataRowAction.Change Then
		End If
	End Sub

Open in new window

Put a breakpoint on the Console.Beep

Now, to attach this event with your table, add a line like the following somewhere after the table has been filled, but before you start working with it in the code:

	AddHandler RO_InvRecall_DS1.Tables(0).RowChanging, AddressOf table_RowChanging

Open in new window

The event should be called everytime there is a change in the table. It will hit your breakpoint. With luck, the Call Stack will tell you what changed the line. If needed, you can explore e.Row in the debugger to know what row was changed.

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MBHEY131Author Commented:
Thanx for the info!
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