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SBS Sync Extension on SBS2011


I have a problem with a SBS2011 server ... and it make me cry since 10 weeks!

I can't find any solution on the web, so I hope you can help me here :(

Here is the problem :
When a Windows 7 client boot the computer, before he prompt the login/password, the computer is stuck to a screen who prompt : "Applying SBS Sync Extension". This can take 1 or 2 minutes...

No GPO call like this exist on my server...

If i go in the registry on a client computer (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\GPExtensions) I can see this GPO... But where this is come from?

If i delete the registery key, reboot the computer, it's OK ! But next boot, the GPO appear again and again...

What muse i do/find on the server?

I've installed some SBS2011 server and never see this...

Thanks for your help :)
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Cris Hanna
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It would help if you could provide settings of the GPO
on the client execute either rsop or gpresult /h filename.html.  The gpo that it probably exists in is the default client policy. What error messages are you receiving?
run a RSOP or gpresult /v (cmd in administrative mode) (on the machine that have issues)
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No error when run gpresult about this policy...

SBS Sync Extension Operation successful

In attachement you can see the detail of the GPO found on one of the machine that have issues

Do you know what this SBSCE.DLL file is doing at start?

Thanks :)
I believe the SBS Sync Extension is linked to the Windows SBS CSE Policy.

Can you give us a screen shot of the GO settings?

Do you have any Windows 7 machines that boot without this problem?  If so I would consider copying the DLL file and reg keys from a working machine to the problematic PC to see if it resolves the problem.  Export the existing Reg settings and take a copy of the existing DLL file before copying - Just in case.
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I can give you a screenshot, but it's in french :( In attachement the screenshot!

Every machines on this domaine have the same problem, so I can't do what you say...

so you are loading clientagent.vbs many times with different parameters. My question is what is your problem?
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David Atkin
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It seems to work... I need to check on another computer to be sure... :)

i will be happy to thanks you in few day :)

btw, thanks in advance !! :D
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Thanks... You r the best ;)