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I would like to apologize up front in case I offend others by my question.

I would like to know, exactly how to create an internet online pornography website like bangbros[dot]com from scratch?

How to create the site? How to create my own domain, and use my own ISP as my own/main domain? How to upload videos? How to make a paid subscription for others, which would require a username and password to view and download videos from the site?

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
1) How to create the site?
2) How to create my own domain,
3) use my own ISP as my own/main domain?
4) How to upload videos?
5) How to make a paid subscription for others, which would require a user name and password to view and download videos from the site?

you have 5 questions here.  

First you need a registered domain from, or another domain registrar.
Then you have to decide where to host the website. You say you want to use your current internet account.. You will need a business account with 2 static ip addresses.  Bandwidth and the cost of the bandwidth may be a problem, you will have to investigate pricing details.. Content may also cause a problem many hosting sites will not allow this type of content.
Personally I'd go with a cloud hosting provider i.e. amazon s3 or windows azure since you can ramp up/down the site depending upon demand. You eventually will reach a point where in-house costs are cheaper than cloud pricing. Again you need to have a sound business model.

You will have to decide on the technology to use to create the website.  This will determine the underlying server and web server technology to use.

You will have to maintain records of proof of age of all the actors, signed releases an so forth.. Consult a lawyer for details.

Payments: you will need a merchant account with paypal or other shopping cart provider which can cost you 30% of the gross. The advantage being that your infrastructure will have laxer pci requirements. Maybe even not subject to the initial and subsequent random audits of your protection of customers information.

Hire a web developer to develop your site.  You could probably create the story boards for the developer to implement the plumbing.. This will include your subscription and file upload options.

Note: your site will become a major attack vector so security will have to be paramount. This means hiring a security professional to do a penetration test on a regular basis. You will also have to be wary of subscription abuse. i.e. limit the # of concurrent  ip addresses.. i.e. only allow 1 to 5  connection per subscriber at a time. Otherwise someone may purchase a subscription and leak the details onto the internet and you could have millions of users using the same details to login and view/download.  Again you have to use your business model.

Your start-up costs will be rather large as you have to pay for the content prior to being published. i.e. pay the actors, producers, script writers, titling, lawyers, camera people, sound people, editors, and other post-production people.

You may also find that your site is an attack vector for denial of service from people that object to your content.
unipolarbearAuthor Commented:

Any suggestions if I don't have a web developer at the moment? Should I create the website with code or use like Dreamweaver?

Any good tutorials out there for creating websites?
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
The fact that you asking this question indicates you are no way, shape, or form ready to run a site like this.   I'm not trying to be offensive, merely stating that you are not able to comprehend all of the elements required to run a major e-commerce platform even if it wasn't porn.

You absolutely need to talk to web developers or development companies.  Don't try to do this yourself, it won't end well.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Any suggestions if I don't have a web developer at the moment? Should I create the website with code or use like Dreamweaver?
Lets not put the cart before the horse. Have you already got the rights to the content.  Have you already got your domain name? have you created merchant accounts and validated that code?
Have you investigated the costs involved from your ISP? Remember you will need a lot more upload speed than download speed that or use a Content Delivery Network.. Have you worked out an agreement with a CDN i.e. Cachefly/Akami/Amazon Cloudfront as of yet. What hardware and operating system are you going to use..

As I've tried to stress this is not something one dreams about one day and it is implemented the next day. Do you have all of the model/actor releases signed and have you verified their ages and documented it. This type of enterprise is something that requires a lot of pre-planning and a solid business plan before you even start web design.. The website is near the bottom of the things to do list. How are you going to fund the first 50 or so video's, don't forget you will have to be continually adding new content.  Do you even understand how much time 60 minutes of video takes .. it can take several hours of recording to edit down to the best 60 minutes.  Actors and production staff get paid by the hour if you don't pay them then you have no product.

Do you understand how much a penetration tester charges per hour even if they don't find anything..

If you have to ask questions like should I use something like dreamweaver then you to be blunt are not qualified to design the site.

Do you have the half million dollars in available funding to even get this project out of the planning stage.. and that doesn't even start to consider your ongoing production and website costs. It may be years before subscriptions make this project see black ink.. And every week you have to add new original content (production costs).. The lookers but not subscribers will add to your bandwidth costs. What is your plan to keep a subscriber past the first month?

Time to step back and first get a solid business plan.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Your question is common and it is asked for multiple verticals. I think you knew the answers you would get by your first sentence.  There are a lot of disciplines in creating a site.  A large player in a vertical has had a lot of learning experiences to get where they are and it is not something you can just create off the bat with little knowledge.

If you truly have really good content then don't be the contractor, carpenter, plumber, electrician...  Hire out the infrastructure and make money on the content.    Check out  They don't charge up front and if your content is very good, you have potential.  If it busts, then you didn't loose anything.

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unipolarbearAuthor Commented:
@ Scott Fell

Have you ever used adultmembersites[dot]com?
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
No I have not.   This is not a vertical I am interested in getting involved in.  Your not the first person to ask about this stuff and I have researched it before.
unipolarbearAuthor Commented:
Ok, well it's a start.

I was watching a bangbros scene and in the beginning of the video the girl was asking to the guy behind the camera about how much would I make? The guy responded and said anywhere between $1,000-$3,000 a scene, maybe more.

If and when starting out, where does bangbros get the money to pay the models? Well, today I'm sure they're paying them with the money people subscribe to them, but, if you're just starting out, how and where would I get the money to pay the models? Loan from a bank?

Is there a business section on here?
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