Does anyone know how to set up a VPN Kill Switch for Ubuntu Desktop?

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Also, once set up, how would I test it to make sure it isn't leaking?  I've heard of VPNDemon, which monitors the VPN status, and then kills a particular application when the VPN is disconnected, but I am not sure if data will leak during the fraction of a second that it is down.
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VPNDemon is a nice tool and will provide more protection than without, it's a pretty good kill switch, one of the better ones out there ...

Since it also incorporates DNS leakage I doubt data leakage will be an issue, but then again, being 100% sure is always an issue ;-)

There's loads of alternatives out there, plenty of VPN clients from VPN providers include a kill switch feature, I would link a few but they (sites) are banned on the network I'm on at the moment.

So, you might test this with some tcpdump monitoring, or just check if DNS is still possible at the time the link is down ...

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