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I need your assistance with a query.

I have a simple query that shows me all records for a specific sales id, however, some changes have been made to the sales_id. The sales_id used to be something like this 4562, now it has change to something RTUBFGH-4562-10-896001455-AUST-7895663. The sales_id is the number between the first and second dash 4562. The first part of the sales_id is not always RTUBFGH, it changes according to requirements.

How can I modify the below query so it show me the records for sales_id 4562?

Select * from sales
Where sales_id = ‘4562’
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Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:
Select * from sales
Where sales_id like '%4562%’

Anoo S PillaiCommented:
SUBSTRING function would be useful for this, See details of SUBSTRING at the link - SUBSTRING

Parameters to be passed to SUBSTRING function for sales_Id

1, Expression -  in this case is obviously column sales_id.
2. Start  - Staring position of first '-' . This can be found out using CHARINDEX function , Details of CHARINDEX is available at CHARINDEX.
3. Length - length of characters between first '-' amd second '-' . This can be found out using CHARINDEX function.

A working code part to find out the sales_id  -

select substring ( Sales_Id , /*Souce Column */  
                           CHARINDEX ( '-' ,Sales_Id  , 1 ) + 1  , /*Start position of the sales_id */
                           CHARINDEX ( '-' ,Sales_Id , CHARINDEX ( '-' ,Sales_Id  , 1 ) + 1 )  - CHARINDEX ( '-' ,Sales_Id  , 1 ) - 1 )  /* End Position of sales_Id*/

This string extrached from your salesid should be compared with 4562, something like the following  

FROM   sales
                  CHARINDEX ( '-' ,Sales_Id  , 1 ) + 1, 
                  CHARINDEX ( '-' ,Sales_Id , CHARINDEX ( '-' ,Sales_Id  , 1 ) + 1 )  - CHARINDEX ( '-' ,Sales_Id  , 1 ) - 1 ) = ‘4562’

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Anoo S PillaiCommented:
Another method using LEFT and STUFF

FROM  sales
WHERE STUFF( LEFT(sales_id , CHARINDEX('-', sales_id  , CHARINDEX('-', sales_id ) + 1) - 1),
              CHARINDEX('-', sales_id ) , 
	      '') = '4562' 

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The logic is to extract characters till second '-' from the LEFT and replace characters till first '-' ( including first '-') with a blank character ( '' )  . This may work faster than the previous one if your table is large.
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Anoo S PillaiCommented:
@eghtebas -
"Select * from sales Where sales_id like '%4562%’ " could have a slight problem in this case, It doesn't select specifically for characters between first and second '-' . It would select the rows even if the string 4562 comes anywhere else.

Say for example, all the following rows would be selected if like '%4562%’  is used.  ( I think that is no the intended behavior )

jose11auAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much. This is great!
Mike EghtebasDatabase and Application DeveloperCommented:

Thank you for good explanation. In that case, the following may be a simpler solution:
Select * from sales
Where sales_id like '%-4562-%’

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Anoo S PillaiCommented:
@eghtebas - Yours is a pretty simple solution and  may perfectly fit in this case.

But, unless and otherwise we know the string pattern of sales_id column, the validity of clause " sales_id like '%-4562-%’ " cannot be verified.  I assume that the four digit value 4562 is given for an illustration.

If the two digit value 10 is a permitted in place of 4562, then sales_id would be

OR If a big number 896001455 is a permitted in place of 4562, then sales_id would be

OR even If 4562 is a valid value in place of AUST, then sales_id would be

Am I thinking too pessimistic because of my experience as a DBA ?
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