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Charles Baldo
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I am an MVC newbie

I have a controller that feeds from a view  I am using route attributes

View Index

The categories and documents are read from a database that is generate in another view

@foreach (var item in Model.ArticleList)
         <a href="/Article/@item.Category/@item.document">Read More...</a>

-------------- Controller ------------------------- with route attributes

        public ActionResult  Article(String Category, String Document)
            ..... Read data in ...............
            ...... get data from model for  Article To Display
            return View(Model  ArticleToDisplay);

I have dozens of categories and hundreds of documents and the categories are growing in the database

I need one view that I can pass the values and display it. There is no way I can physically create a view for each controller.

Lets say one of the categories is RootCauseAnalysis and a document is Equipment-Operators-Improve-Reliability  what I get is

The view 'Article/RootCauseAnalysis/Equipment-Operators-Improve-Reliability' or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations. The following locations were searched:

How can I get around not making a view for each category???

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you don't need a separate view for each model. You seem to be making an error in thinking every category requires a distinct model you would use the category as a variable that will be passed to the controller the controller will pass data back to the model which will then pass the data back to the view
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Thanks, I got it about a half hour after I posted this.  I have it working now

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