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double pictures in iphone

my friend says all her pics on her iphone is doubled???

any idea what causes this and how to fix this???

She says she always have to delete duplicates.......
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I suggest you ask to see the Camera Roll on her iPhone. Most likely she is clicking twice.

My photos do not duplicate in my Camera Roll.

Have her turn the phone completely OFF. Hold down the top button until Power Off appears. Swipe to accept. Then after 1 minute, hold down the top button briefly to start the phone. Check out photos after a Full Power Cycle.

If you still have problems, back it up to iTunes and the Camera Roll to a computer and reset the phone. Then restore the backup.
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Usually you get this glitch when you use Photostreaming feature of iPhone. The view in your iphone shows the photos from the device and those which you are uploading to iCloud. It is bad organized photo view option.
When you get to your iCloud drive - are the pictures also duplicated there?

Also, if this is not your case then try this:
The HDR setting default on your phone is saving two photos, one regular and one HDR. These look like they are the same but they arent apparently. On your phone, go to Settings, then go to Photo & Camera, then scroll to bottom where it says HDR . There you will see that "Keep Normal Photo" is slid to green (on). Slide it over and it should fix the issue.
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brian ramos


if i take off the keep normal photo which one will be deleted?? The normal or the HDR???
The normal. Because you take off - keep NORMAL photo. They will not be deleted. They will not be created next time you take the new picture.
Hey guys she says the pics is single on her phone but when she connects it to Mac it shows double on the photos app
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