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.net backwards compatibility

Hi all,

I have a software company requesting we install multiple versions of .NET on client machines would the latest version 4.5.x not include all the functionality of .NET v3.5 and below as well? Or will this need individual installs of each version .NET?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards
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You should just need to install the latest which would contain support for previous versions.
I keep .NET Framework V3.5 and all its updates and V4.5 and all its updates. Those two versions are available to be enabled in Windows Features (in Programs and Features).

I do this myself and for clients and it seems to cover all the requirements.
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Some object types have become deprecated (obsolete) in .Net 4.5.   If your program uses these types they may no longer function as you would expect.

Obsolete Types

Obsolete Members

fyi.... sometime around the year 2001 Sun Microsystems changed the way Java handled 'Null' values and caused my company a lot of grief.  Backwards compatibility is not always a guarantee.