Does Database Mail use a lot of resources

We asked one of our admins to enable Database Mail on one of our SQL servers so we could have the database send us an end of week report. His response was that he was concerned that it would consume too many resources on the server.

Now, we are only sending 1 email per week so it would seem unlikely it consumes any material amount of resources to send one email but I suppose he has a valid concern that maybe Database Mail reserves a minimum amount of resources just being enabled. I can't find any MS articles indicating whether or not Database Mail consumes many resources just being enabled. If anyone has any experience with this, your feedback is appreciated.
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The actual mail process does not take up much in the way of resources.  A connection to a mail server and some minimal network traffic.  
The actual report generation/code/queries might be more of a burden but these can usually be timed/tuned to your environment to run during off production hours.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
There won't be any article on how much resources are consumed because every system is different and the amount of resources consumed will be different.

If you have a testing environment, set it up there and see how much is used and go from there.

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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
There will be more a security issue than a resource issue. That's a reason for the Database Mail being disabled by default.
John EsraeloDatabase / SQL DeveloperCommented:
I use db mail daily, actually 3 times a day and can get up to 100s of notifications.  just fine
unless, you are sending notifications that are several times a minute to 100s of users.
in that case, you may check and observe the server reactions, logs, activities..
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