How can I convert a string to a number using powershell?

How can I convert this text string    4.296 MB (4,504,293 bytes)    to the number  4,504,293  ?

thank you
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There might be better ways depending on where this is coming from, but with just the information given, this will work.
"4.296 MB (4,504,293 bytes)" -match "\(([0-9,]+) bytes\)$"

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to the number  4,504,293
The footech solution will convert the string into a numeric value.  Do you want that conversion or should it remain a string with the embedded commas?

Here is a slightly different pattern that ignores everything after the numeric value, not just " bytes"
"4.296 MB (4,504,293 bytes)" -match "\(([0-9,]+) [^)]+\)$"

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cyberleo2000Author Commented:
I don't quite understand how it works, but it does, thank you
Basically it looks at your source string and tries to match it against a regular expression (regex).  When a match is found (the comparison using the -match operator evaluates to true), then the $Matches automatic variable is populated.  The regex includes a capturing group which is what is referenced by $Matches[1] ($Matches[0] includes the entire match), and [int] casts the string in $Matches[1] as an integer.
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