Running multiple blocks of script at the same time in PowerShell

I am trying to run say 5 to 10 actions at the same time in PowerShell.
As I test I wrote 5 simple scripts to preform simple action on all objects in AD and they all ran fine with little system overhead.  I know this is an absurd way to do it as with Jobs it is SAID to be easy to run multiple script blocks at one time.
I cannot make it work.

For a simple test there is about 200,000 folders.  I want to do a simple get child item and have it dump in in a text file.  Once again this is only an exercise so I may figure out how to use jobs correctly.

I have half the paths in one text file and the other half in another text file.  As you will see below I have 2 jobs but nothing happens when I run them.

Please help

$workfile1 = Get-Content $env:TEMP\worklog1.txt
$workfile2 = Get-Content $env:TEMP\worklog2.txt

start-job  -Name action1   {
foreach ($line1 in $workfile1) {
$mypath1 = "\\es01a5901\STU_HOME\$line1"
Get-ChildItem $mypath1 | Out-File $env:TEMP\scrap1.txt -Append

start-job -name action2 {
foreach ($line2 in $workfile2) {
$mypath2 = "\\es02a5902\STU_HOME\$line2"
Get-ChildItem $mypath2 | Out-File $env:TEMP\scrap2.txt -Append

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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
The jobs do not have access to your vars. So essentially $workfile1 and $workfile2 are not defined inside the jobs, and treated as being empty - nothing runs then in the loop.
For this simple exercise you best read the text files in the jobs itself.
Another approach is to use a construct like
start-job -Name action1 -ArgumentList $workfile1 -ScriptBlock {
  param([String] $file)
  foreach ($line1 in $file)
    Get-ChildItem "\\es01a5901\STU_HOME\$line1" | Out-File $env:TEMP\scrap1.txt -Append

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SLPowersEngineerAuthor Commented:
Thank so much nailed it!
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