Auto-Populate Form Data in Google form

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I'd like to use a Google form and spreadsheet to setup a marketing survey for capturing responses.  (yes, I'm cheap)

Is there a way that I could setup the form to auto-populate the user's name and email by appending that info to the link from the email I will send them?  I think I can figure out how to setup the email, just not sure how to edit the forms to accept the URL parameters.

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I was able to solve this issue.

Basically, you preview the code, then find the ID of the form field you want to pre-populate.

In your link you send out, concatenate on the URL "&field_id=your_value"

This will take that field and prepopulate it automatically from the URL data provided.

This works from Infusionsoft merge fields as well to cut and paste the value of the merge field into the URL link.

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