Displaying datediff in years to 2 decmal places.

I am trying to calculate the length of service for emloyees in years to 2 decimal places.

Here is my sql statement:

Case when coalesce(EL.TermDate,0) =0 then convert(decimal(15,2),round((DATEDIFF(mm,EL.DOH,getdate())/12),2)) else convert(decimal(15,2),round(DATEDIFF(mm,EL.DOH, EL.TermDate)/12,2)) end

The results show the # of years but rounded to Zero places.

If an employee has worked 18 months, then the result s/b 1.50.

How can fix this?


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RayData AnalystCommented:
I'd do this (didn't check precise syntax, only suggesting the concept:
getting days difference and dividing by 365.0 does two things.
1) it turns your results into a decimal number
2) turns your decimal days into a year
The cast turns years into a 2 digit decimal (in using 8,2 I've allowed for a maximum of 999999.99 years)

Case when coalesce(EL.TermDate,0) =0 then
cast ( DATEDIFF(d,EL.DOH,getdate()) / 365.0) as decimal (8,2) )  else
cast ( DATEDIFF(d,EL.DOH, EL.TermDate) /365.0 as decimal (8,2) )  end

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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
It is important to either convert the date diff to float prior to dividing, or dividing by a float. Otherwise you are dividing int/int, and that is again int. So in your original query just use 12.0 instead of 12.
RayData AnalystCommented:
Qlemo, the only issue I see with your answer is that without a cast there will be no control over the number of decimal places in the result.  I do like the simple answer though of changing the 12.0 if not for the loss of 'detail' on using months vs. days.  Admittedly, I don't care for things being rounded 'too much' so this is just my 'pickyness'     :-)
GPSPOWAuthor Commented:
Thank you

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