ISP is changing our Pipeline and WAN IP

We are changing from a bonded T1 to Fiber with our ISP. We have a SonicWall Gateway and an Exchange 2010 server. We are trying to get down which records we need to change over. Such as the A, MX record, Reverse Pointer Record and so on, to the new WAN IP.

We can post any DNS information that will help. Any assistance offered would be appreciated.
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QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Whoever manages your external DNS info should know that. You need to change all records pointing to your public domain name.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi regsamp,

First, set your TTL as low as they can go for any record that points to your Public IP in your Public DNS server so that when you make the switch there is as little downtime as possible. Also, contact your ISP and have them setup your PTR record now - it takes a while depending on your ISP and they are the only ones who can do this. A PTR record is an SMTP reverse DNS lookup so e.g. if you have which points to your Public IP (, then the PTR record that your ISP sets up will point back from to Some receiving mail servers may use a lack of a PTR Record as an indication of a possible spam source in a scoring system. Most will not reject incoming mail solely on this basis but I have seen big companies, surprisingly, reject on this basis alone (which is insane but anyway). Your PTR Record should match the hostname of your mail server.

Regarding which records need changing...just take a look at your zone file to determine which ones point to your Public IP ( and change them once you get your new Public IP. Make sure your new Public IP(s) are static not dynamic.

On your SonicWALL simply to go Network > Interfaces > WAN and input the new IP info there once you plug in the new line.

I'd plan all of this for after hours or possibly over the weekend.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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regsampAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the information. This might help a little more. This is our DNS record information below. Which ones would have to change to the new IP and which relates to the PTR record? Thank you

Manage DNS Records
DNS Records  Help
Your Domain:
New Record:    Submit
Show 10 | 20 | All      << Page 1 of 1 >>
Record      Type      Resolves To      TTL                  A      xxx.237.151.17      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      A      xxx.26.224.170      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      A      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      A      xxx.242.244.62      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      A      xxx.122.171.4      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      A      xxx.203.247.251      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      A      xxx.26.224.170      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      CNAME      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      CNAME      mymail.myregisteredsi...      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      CNAME      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      CNAME      mymail.myregisteredsi...      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      CNAME      mymail.myregisteredsi...      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      CNAME      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      MX(30)      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      MX(20)      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      MX(10)      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      MX(50)      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      MX(40)      30 min      Edit      Copy      Delete      NS      1 day                 NS      1 day                 NS      1 day                 PTR      30 min                 TXT      v=spf1 mx ptr ip4:xxx...      1 hour
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
You have some funky Zone records...and this is not a typical Exchange setup from a DNS standpoint. Where is your autodiscover record??? myregisteredsi....this seems like either a hosted service or some type of bundled service. Typically for exchange you should have the following:

MX  0  @
CNAME  -  autodiscover
TXT  @  v=spf1 -all  

Assuming that Web United is your ISP ( maybe and A Records.
regsampAuthor Commented:
This is from our hosted service. This is how it was setup by the person before me so I am trying to make sure I can identify the right records.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
If its hosted Exchange you don't have to worry about any of what I said! It completely independent of your Public IP.
regsampAuthor Commented:
We have our Exchange 2010 server in-house. Our DNS records are hosted by
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Thanks for the points. I'm glad I could help!
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