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Driver Letter change Issues

I have a new 2012 Windows server and are application manufacturer said we need to change our "E" drive to "D".  Most cases this will not be a issue but after a reboot server does not come up.  The error we would receive on a reboot was 0xc00002e2.  Completely baffles me.  A simple drive letter change should be easy, there should be now issue.  Am I over looking something.
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It should be not an issue if the system is not booting from E: drive.
What do you have on E: partition? Are there any boot files form Windows?
What is on your E drive? Is this a domain controller?
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E drive is just a data partition, it has no OS files on it.  And yes this is a DC
I should point out (for clarification), the the removal occurs before the drive letter change.  Then you would reinstall after the drive letter change.