Exchange 2010 RPC Operations/sec seems high. Experiencing slowness issues with calendars, rules management, in Outlook.

Running into some issues with various end-users with reports of slowness, meeting scheduling slowness, delays with Outlook rule management, etc. with Outlook and our Exchange 2010 server running on Windows 2008.

I'm running Exchange 2010 (14.03.0235.001) SP3 with update roll-ups 9, 8-v2, 4 that I show to be installed.

I ran performance troubleshooter from the Toolbox and I'm not quite sure it's finding anything.
In Perfmon, I did notice the highest thing would appear to be the RPC Operations/sec, but the troubleshooter didn't find any RPC related issues....?

I've taken a screenshot of perfmon and perhaps someone else could advise if this would be something to be concerned about:

Not sure what else to check beyond Exchange. Am not a IOPS/storage or networking guy.
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Helao MwapangashaData Centre: Server EngineerCommented:

do you have any imbeded images in outlook that make up your signature for example that are being hosted outside your network?

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garryshapeAuthor Commented:
Not sure, I mean I don't think so...
I check the html source of an e-mail from someone and the <img> tag for 4 images in the signature have sources to soemthing similar to "src="cid:image001.png@01D0B898.1C415D90"" but in the img tag the "alt="Description" properties point to respective public URLs of our own public website of our company to .png files.
Helao MwapangashaData Centre: Server EngineerCommented:
uhm no.

maybe i should clearify. do you have a coporate signature that applies to all users? i had the same issue previously (last week) and jt turned out it was an image in our signature that hosted on a system externaly that got switched off. check this out
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garryshapeAuthor Commented:
No there aren't any hub/transport rules for corporate signatures or any other means of deploying signatures to Outlook, if that's what you're referring to from a technical point of view.

I'm not sure if that would address the question though as far as RPC Operations/sec.
I did the math of RPC Operations/sec divided by Active User Count (as of now 230 / 1136) and came up with 0.20 which I'm assuming is acceptable.

As far as tracing any users who are "top talkers", so to speak, should I download/install the "Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor" to Exchange 2010? to use as a good troubleshooting practice?  I show that's still downloadable ( but I'm not sure if an alternative is built-in or a later version can be found elsewhere).
Helao MwapangashaData Centre: Server EngineerCommented:
ok. you can also use the echange performance monitor from your exchnage toolbox to see exactly which mailboxes are causing the most RPC requests.
garryshapeAuthor Commented:
Going with performance monitor for one way to approach it. However the performance issue I'm finding is disk related.
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