dual monitors - very slow now

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On an optiplex 7020 with ATI Radeon R5 240 card and 2 monitors with DVI connectors (the white connectors)  running windows 7.

I have 1 white cable going into the mating connector on the video card. the 2nd white cable is going into a dell supplied DVI to displayport adapter that then connects to the other port on the video card.

When I had just the DVI in the DVI port (1 monitor), the machine was running good.  But now that I have the 2 monitors, whenever I do things, windows open slowly.  TYping now is fine.  But closing windows / opening windows, things happen slowly.  I can drag windows around across the 2 screens at normal speed.

Is there some setting I need to tweak?
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Have you checked Task manager since adding the second monitor.  Sounds more like some new process might be eating up mem or cpu cycles. Are you using Eyefinity? If so try multi-display without it.
Having two monitors shouldn't apply any extra use on the computer resources but rather what your playing through to 2 monitors BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelp
May I ask you for more details such as what are playing on two screens?
Two separate video screens from two media players?
Whatever your doing with regards to multimedia is cpu intensive.
Please open your task manager then at the top tabs open the one~>VIEW
under that open select columns add in Data Execution Prevention, and description have a look through the list to see which is using the most cpu.
To further your knowledgbase open the Performance Tab at the top then open resource monitor then CPU
When was the last time you ran a disc cleanup and defrag?

I await your response
A second monitor usually will not change how a Window opens. Are you measuring the delay in milliseconds, or is it so noticeable it's a FEW second?
One thing you can always try, is to update your graphics drivers.
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I updated the drivers - although I think it was the same version.

It's only when a window opens or closes really.  It takes a second or so to open and close.

happens on both screens.

I don't deal with dual monitors much so I had to play with them a little while to get them set up - they were 'backwards' - right screen had left screen info, etc.  I swapped the cables on the back of the PC, chose 'swap' in the catalyst app a couple times, make this my main screen, etc.  took a bit of playing to get them the way they should be.  (more than I would have thought, but again, I don't do dual monitors much)
Lots of folks do have to play with cables or reorient the screens in Windows to get everything where it's wanted.  But yeah typically adding a second (or third) screen does not introduce any more load on a system than one does.

Did you enable Eyefinity?
Start with a disc cleanup do a full maintinence defrag etc.
One of things I notice when my system slows a bit is when I look at the size of my thumbnails temp files.
Windows keeps a copy of these for quick reference and they can blow out to really big, when temp files get big and the drive needs a defrag you can use the windows disc cleanup to help speed windows up
windows thumbnails tempI use ccleaner. Which also deletes obsolete reg keys, when our registry gets lots old outdated reg keys this also slows down our system
guide to ccleaner
Check the system tower for dust build up on the power supply unit motherboard heatsink and fan and ontop of the video card and the video card fan
Dust will start to cause heating issues and slow down the system. You may even experience lockups.
What happens on both screens is simply a reflection of what is happening in your windows desktop.
It is a problem with your windows. How much ram and how big is your power supply determins speed. How old is the system? the HDD?
Windows 7?
You know there is also clone mode.

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