Need to find a tag-cloud application which allows me to manage tags to both online items and local documents (with support for sentence-level annotations)

I am looking for a little help in finding a tag-cloud/mind-mapping/annotation tool. So far, none of the ones I've found do all of what I need (however, together they cover all of my requirements). I was hoping someone here knows of a good single solution and can steer me in the right direction. (If no single solution is available, I'd be willing to bridge multiple solutions together, if api's were provided)

Note: After making this list, I realized that If an Evernote add-in tool exists which allows for the annotation of paragraphs/sentences/images in Word Documents (as well as websites) I could then integrate that through Mohiomap and get everything I need. So if you know of one, you can skip all of what I have written below.

Here is what I've found so far (there are three apps which together have all of what I want).
Axiom (a website solution with an optional chrome extension) .. it's ugly and not very user friendly but does allow for annotations to be made in Word, ppt, and pdf documents (surprisingly however, you can't annotate webpages)
Mohiomap (a website solution with an iOS option) .. It just pulls together your tags from several tag-clouds. Seems powerful however, for filtering, analyzing, and especially managing the tags themselves.
Diigo (web solution that also covers android and iOS) .. as with Mohiomap, it lacks support for the annotation of documents

The features I'm after are (* - indicates "must haves"):

1. *manage own tags

-- all 3 do this

2. *tag websites and/or bookmarks (page caching would be nice)

-- all 3 do this but only Diigo seems to do caching

3. *tag local documents

-- of the 3, only Axiom does this

4. tag media (videos, images, etc.)

--Diigo and Axiom do this (at least partially)

5. *annotate passages of online items as well as local documents (Word, Excel, Kindle books)

-- Diigo only does this for online items, Axiom does this only for Word, PPT, and PDF files

6. annotate using drawing tools, and multiple color highlights

-- Diigo and Axiom both

7. tagging of the annotation itself

-- none, as far as I can tell

8. team collaboration - not necessarily in real-time

-- All except Mohiomap (it relies on the source services (ie. Evernote) for this, which will still work for me)

9. Integration with a todo-list/task management app (like Google Keep or Evernote)

-- Only Mohiomap because it integrates with Evernote (it also integrates with Drive, so integration with Keep might also be possible but it seems unlikely).

10. *support for both web and android platforms

Mohiomap (through Evernote) and Diigo
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David L. HansenCEOAsked:
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David L. HansenCEOAuthor Commented:
Mohiomap, Evernote and Skitch all come together to give me a great solution! Happily, the three are literally made for each other, so I'm in a great position now.

Note: Snapping photos of paper text and then using Skitch to highlight those passages is working well (Evernote even does OCR). And with the Evernote tags auto-imported into Mohiomap, I can associate audio, photo, websites, paper articles/passages, and office files (dropbox included) with relative ease.

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