Enterprise licenses - what is the minimum licenses you can have to a small company


Our company is a small size business and now we are reaching almost 50 workers. i really would like to buy a Enterprise licenses from Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office 2013. The reason is because i would like to create a images to make life more easier the a new workers starts and have all the settings already include on the image.

Do you if Microsoft has a limitation when it comes to Enterprise licenses. eg. minimum of 50 Enterprise licenses or 100 etc.

I know i could call Microsoft and asks that but coming from someone with experience like we have at EE i think i would get much better information from you.

Can you please advice?

mallonyIT TechnicianAsked:
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Hi Mallony,

I've worked at a company about the same size as yours and we have never ran into issues on MS license limitation (when purchasing volume licenses).

I don't think MS have limitation on Enterprise licenses (volume licenses).  Having said that I know there is always a limit to everything and I can assure you that the limitation will far exceed the size of your company.

However, considering a company your size can probably appreciate your efforts in trying to save them money.  Having said this, it's best to see if you need per seat or per user licensing, or mixed).  For example, in factory floor where the computers are shared and if there are 3 shifts that will be using the same computers then it's probably best to buy per seat than per user.  It can save you a considerable amount of money.

Cliff GaliherCommented:
There is no specific limit on enterprise licenses. Most VL purchases have a limit on minimum products, but it isn't uncommon in the small business space to buy 1 Enterprise license and 4 inexpensive CALs to reach VL minimums.  

As always, licensing advice here is not legally binding and you should always consult MS with licensing questions. This is, however, my interpretation.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Volume licenses require 1 server or 5 "other" licenses to open an agreement.  Then you can, for the length of the agreement, purchase additional licenses 1 at a time if you like.

If you want to image, then you need a single license for Windows 8.1 Pro (ASSUMING all your workstations come with a Pro edition of Windows client and 50 seats (one per user) of Microsoft office.  

Microsoft licensing rules permit you to reimage a computer that ships with Windows 8.1 Pro OEM using the VL built image.  You can also downgrade - you could use a Windows 7 image to deploy on all systems that shipped with Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8.0 Pro, and Windows 7 Pro.  For each machine NOT running the version of Windows you want, it MUST have a Pro version (XP Pro, Vista Business, 7 Pro, etc) to be upgraded and then you need one copy per upgraded machine.

The problem with Office is, as far as I know, the VL version of Office is ONLY available via VL and you need a VL version to image.  So, you can't replace an Office 2013 Home and Business with an Office 2013 ProPlus because the edition (included products) is different.  That's why you'd need 50 copies for 50 people regardless of what you might be using now.

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