How to Re-initialize Registry settings without rebooting Windows

We constantly make changes to the registry, we want to find out if there is a way to refresh the registry settings changes without rebooting windows server?
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amilie wilsonCommented:
You can easily refresh your registry without rebooting windows. Just follow the simple steps
Press ctrl + Alt + Delete then task manager list will pop up
Highlight Explorer and select End Task as you saw the shutdown screen click cancel
Suddenly an error message will comes up then click on End Task
Now windows explorer will be reloaded with new registry
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
@amilie wilson

This will only work for registry settings affecting the explorer. For settings for special services, kernel parameter, etc. it is not working.

It really depends on which settings are changes, what steps needs to be done to make them effective.

and some really need a reboot in any case.
use a system restore - the easiest way to reset it
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Have a backup of the registry in .REG format (exported from before). Just double clicking this file will import it and have it the way that it was before. To speed things up, better not export the whole registry, but rather sub keys.
If the service or program picks up these changes, is a whole other story (service or program might need to be restarted).

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951derekAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Expert answers did not help me
Both Andreas and me pointed out it depends on the eventual program or service if it will pick up the changes or not. Just because that's not the answer you expect, doesn't mean it's the answer wasn't correct. It did not help you, because we only pointed out it won't always work. If the software won't pick it up, it's not our fault, it's the programs "fault" (sometimes it's just the whole design of the software preventing it). We only pointed out the truth.
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