SNMPD configuration

I have seen the following line in the file snmp.conf, which seem to add a counter to the MRTG graph.  I can see the file under /tmp/apache_log_stat/all_success_access, which add a counter to the file.

How about all.successAccess, is it  a script that store somewhere in the server ? Tks

exec all.successAccess /bin/cat   /tmp/apache_log_stat/all_success_access
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You have to be clearer what you mean. if you saw instructions/example, please post.

What you are talking about is  that there is a likely a process running out of cron the performs the task of crunching data and the results are stored in a file. This file is used to reflect the data when polled via snmp.

all.successAccess is a label for what /bin/cat .. represents
I.e. when others or even you look back into snmpd.conf this will help in providing meaning and context to an entries such as this.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Sorry, the line is seen at the end of the file snmp.conf.

exec all.successAccess /bin/cat   /tmp/apache_log_stat/all_success_access

So, all.successAccess is defined the OID, correct ? I can change it to whatever value, say
mycount.myAccess, correct ?

Tks again.
Yes, you can change it to any value you want, but having no MIB that defines my count.myaccess
You will have issues on the server side mapping my count.myaccess to an OID to report  to the polling system.
I.e. If you do define mycount.myaccess in a MIB that has the OID reference, the receiving side has to have the same mib to properly convert the response to display the mycount.myaccess 10

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AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Is it difficult to define a new OID in MIB ?

Actually, the count is only for MRTG use internally.

Thank again.
That is what puzzles me, mrtg can poll directly executing the cat file or executing the script.
Or is mrtg running on a remote system?

If you are using SNMP, has an SNMP polled that graphs and is .......

Why not use an existing and known OID/MIB for what you want to report?
I.e. Apache::... Check the prior OID/MIB site to see if you can find an OID to use.

The MIB has a specific structure and will need to be maintained to every system as you transition.  Using the established means that you will not run into a situation when suddenly the event you expect stops working or is not being .......... Reflected.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
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