Add filename to a text file

How to add a filename to each line of a text flie with bash shell ?  Tks
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I assume that you want to add the filename of the input file at the beginning of each line.
Here I'll use "sed" to achieve this. "awk" or "Perl" etc. could do it as well.

sed -i.bak "s/^/$FILENAME /" $FILENAME

The above will save an unchanged backup file "filename.txt.bak" before applying the changes to "filename.txt"

The anchor "^" (caret) matches the position before the first character in the line (zero-length match).
Please note that a space is added after the filename for readability. You can of course omit it or use any other separator character(s).

If you really want a pure "bash" solution without using any external tools try this:

while read line; do echo "$FILENAME" $line; done < $FILENAME > ${FILENAME}.new

We cannot change "in place" with this method, so we create a new file "" containing the changes.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Is there any workaround solution to keep the orginal file and only add the column to the new file name ?
Using the "sed" solution simply omit "-i.bak" and redirect the output of "sed" to the new file:

1) Append ".new" to the original filename:

sed "s/^/$FILENAME /" $FILENAME > ${FILENAME}.new

2) Choose a completely new name:

sed "s/^/$FILENAME /" $FILENAME > name_of_my_new_modified_file.txt

The second "bash only" solution always keeps the original file and creates a new one.

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