Full options not available in SAP ABAP DBACOCKPIT Tcode

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I login from home and office in two different installations of SAP.

One system has all the options under DBACOCKPIT --> Diagnostics while the other one only has a single option marked with a circle. Why.

Is this a privileges issue?

If so how can i get all options?

DBACOCKPIT screen. Option marked with red circle is the only option available.
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SAP Technical Consultant
Dear gram77

On different system you will have different  Authorizations, If both system's back-end databases are MS SQL server, make sure you have at least the following role SAP_BC_DB_ADMIN_MSS assigned to your SAP logins.

Thanks and Regards


Thanks for the information.
I used su01 to check for user roles i have been provided.

I found i have ZSAP_ALL role assigned to my profile and that means i have administrator level full access and that includes SAP_BC_DB_ADMIN_MSS

Roles against my user.

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