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Submit the form at remote server from own server

Looking for solution to the situation below.

1.      A form on the remote server accepts employee id (emp_id) and returns the employee details on submit.

2.      In my application I have the textbox where user enters the emp_id and when clicks submit,it should programmatically submit the remote server form with parameters emp_id entered at my app page.

3.      I am looking for the way to call the remote server form and pre populate emp_id and submit it to the remote server. The response I get form remote server will be captured and shown to the user.

4.      I have tried to post the emp_id to the action of the remote server form,but that could not be done as they blocked such access,so only option I left with is to fill their form which I decided to do programmatically with ajax.I can't render remote form directly as there are many more fields in that form along with emp_id.

Please help me to solve this.
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Ray Paseur
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