No display on Dell Aliewnware Aurora R4

Hi there,
i've just been given a Dell Aliewnware Aurora R4 Desktop which starts up but there's no display on the screen. Initially there were 6 short beeps indicating a graphics card problem but i tried a new card, an ASUS Radeon HD 5450, and there's still no display. Now the 6 beeps have stopped when the NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 760 card is installed aswell so not sure if it's a card problem. The monitor is mine and works fine btw. I don't have a similar CPU or motherboard to swap out. I've also tried every combination of the 4 sticks of RAM. Has anyone any other ideas i might try?

Here are the Specs:

CPU: INTEL I7-4820K Socket 2100
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA 6GB/S (7200RPM)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 760 1.5GB GDDR5
Mothereboard: Dell 0FPV4P
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If you can't even see the BIOS screen then I don't think it's a RAM issue.  Any chance it may be the monitor cable or plug, broken/loose pins, etc?
DahoeAuthor Commented:
No i've checked the monitor and cable and they're fine and they're working on my PC now.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
are there different motherboard slots you can try the graphics card in?  or a different system to try those cards out?

AFAIK that mobo doesn't have onbard graphics.
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DahoeAuthor Commented:
There are 2 PCIE slots & i've tried both. The 2nd ASUS card is new but i'll try it in a different system in the morning & report back.
i take it you connected the power to the video card?
then, i would try another PS - or measure the outputs
should be 12 - 5 and 3.3 V
here the 24 plug pinout :

to be complete, here is how i handle this problem; i use the minimum setup as described here :                  (Short-overview-of-how-to-troubleshoot-bad-hardware-when-a-pc-does-not-post)

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DahoeAuthor Commented:
Ok so the 2nd card, the ASUS Radeon HD5450, works in another pc so not the problem.
Will swap the power supply next.
DahoeAuthor Commented:
I powered up the pc with a basic 500w psu & the ASUS card & i now have display.
Unfortunately i don't have PCIE power on this power supply so not sure if the original card is dead aswell. I 'll get one 2moro & test it.
Unfortunately it's not detecting the hard drive & says the CPU fan is off, it's water cooled btw, could this be due to the basice PSU? The original PSU is 850W.
that seems normal -  if it can't handle all the power demands - 500 W is nearly half the one you had...
you can also have your video cards tested in a shop (together with the psu)
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
you can also get molex to pcie 6 pin adapters pretty cheaply if you just want to test using the PSU you have.  It should still work, as long as you don't go on an extended Crysis binge...
DahoeAuthor Commented:
I slaved the Seagate hard drive to a working PC, ran Seatools & it failed.

Beginning to think this PC might have suffered a powersurge or something to knock out the PSU, Graph Card & Hard Drive, would this sound plausable?
that's always possible
use the minimum setup to define the bad parts -  or test each on another system
DahoeAuthor Commented:
Have ordered another PSU so will be able to test when it arrives, should be here on Tuesday so will report back then.
did you use the minimum setup?  it guides you quickly to the bad part(s)
DahoeAuthor Commented:
Power Supply arrived this morning so will see how it goes later today. I ordered an XFX Pro Series 850W so hope it will be a suitable swap for the Dell one as the Dell is €200 plus delivery & customs charges from the US & the XFX was €120 incl delivery.

The minimum setup isn't really possible with this PC as there are various chipboards attatched & powered by molex  or attached to the water cooling system but i've disconnected everything i could find that isn't necessary.

Will let you know how i get on later this evening.
ok waiting..
DahoeAuthor Commented:
Right so. a couple of adjustments to the BIOS UEFI to Legacy & we're back up & running.
The Graph Card is still dead but the PSU replacement has done the trick.
Thanks for all your help. ;)
DahoeAuthor Commented:
In the end it was the Power Supply & the Graphics Card so i replaced both.
yep - maybe due to lightning?
DahoeAuthor Commented:
I did suggest that to him as there was an electrical storm in the area the week before this happened but the problem occured after that so have reccommended he get a decent surge  protector anyway. Nothing else in the house was affected though.
DahoeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help by the way, much appreciated. ;)
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