Backup and restore profile manager in Yosemite

What is the recommended supported method to backup and restore profile manager in Yosemite server 10.10.4?

It would be nice if apple offered an export/import button....
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Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Not running 10.10.4 yet.  This old post from Mavericks lists System Image Utility that was maybe discontinued in 10.10.4 but I cannot confirm that yet.  Wanted to mention.
In the link here can scroll to System Tools.

The OSX Server documentation has the following excerpt that says Time Machine automatically handles Profile Manager.

Time Machine automatically backs up data and settings for these services: Contacts, File Sharing, Calendar, Messages, Mail, Profile Manager, Time Machine, VPN, Websites, and Wiki. Time Machine also automatically backs up some settings for other services, but you may not be able to completely restore settings changed with tools other than the Server app.

from this URL

Some extras:
How to combine usage of Profile Mgr and Time Machine in doing backups.

A paid alternative listed in the link at the bottom is Crashplan.

If you could confirm your 10.10.4 has or does not have System Image Utility it would be great to publish here.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Found this further confirmation looking for a way without Time Machine.

Back up Profile Manager

You can back up Profile Manager, OS X Server, and your entire Mac using Time Machine.

To restore your Mac running OS X Server and Profile Manager, you restore your system from Time Machine using the system recovery process. To learn more about system recovery, see Recover your entire system in OS X Help.

from here
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Does anyone here know why an admin couldn't use Disk Utility to make a .dmg to external source for an alternative backup method?
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Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Here is someone else asking your same question saying Time Machine does not backup Profile Manager data successfully.  Maybe it's fixed now ??

This post is updated with this new link, I think it is the original thread, has far more info.  If I had 10.10.4, I would be curious to know what I would find looking in OSX Help under "Recover you entire system" as stated in the Apple Help link above.  Is it possible these problems are from not looking there?
PeteAuthor Commented:
Hello, thanks for the replies, sorry for the delay I've been away.

I am interested in using time machine but I don't want to restore the entire system, this would be a restore of the profile manager settings if the database became corrupt, or moving to a new OSX, neither situation would need a complete time machinesystem restore.

Is there a way to restore just that component?
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
I figured that is what you want and couldn't find results that day.  This morning I found a thread that should be of use to you.  It is a discussion among those with the same problem and their stated successes using pg_restore as shown.

To automate you'll have to create a bash script and use launchd with launchdaemon running as discussed.
PeteAuthor Commented:
Thanks, so with the backup and restore commands does anything need stopping first?

sudo pg_dump -h /Library/Server/ProfileManager/Config/var/PostgreSQL -U _devicemgr devicemgr_v2m0 -c -f ~/Desktop/profileManager.sql)

The last guy talks about corrupt databases, and how nothing should be using the database when backing up. I would have thought our Mac clients will always be talking to Profile Manager via push?

Why doesn't apple provide a method for this? complete system restore is not the answer.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Spoke with Apple Server Support, then transferred to supervisor.  Their recommendations are to periodically export through server app  then if you ever have to rebuild you'll at least have users and groups,, still no profiles though.

They do recommend multiple styles of backup, like bit for bit backup through Disk Utility or Carbon Copy, also Time Machine, then you can also use pg_dump and restore if you want, but it is not officially supported as PM is too complicated in structure.  So they won't comment on the scripting thread above with pg_dump.  So we have no conclusion about what has to be stopped for pg_dump and restore.  Have to experiment I guess.  There should be so much going on with certificates and stuff.  What about client-side backups?

They cannot generalize why some Time Machine backups fail, just want us to know that they have lots of users that regularly backup and restore with Time Machine with complete success.  They are not aware of design problems with Time Machine backing up and restoring Profile Manager.  For those that failed it may have been how it was done.

They emphasized the complicated nature of Profilie Manager and that is the reason to officially rely on Time Machine.

Sounds very time consuming.  So then you do what you have to do.

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