Best way to get started with a small Responsive website

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I want to get started with building a small website for myself.

I will not connect to a database and will just have the GUI on website with several pages.
Also, I want the website to be responsive to device screen sizes.
It does not matter if the pages are HTML/.Net or anything else, I just want to manage the webpages easily for Edit/Addition.

What is the best way to make such a website?
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I buy templates from and customize them. I'm using one that's responsive and I coded for database, etc.

Look there and see if you can find a template. They're not expensive .
Prepress/OMS Specialist
Look into Bootstrap.  It is built from the ground up to be responsive and there are themes available specifically for it.


Are there any other options available?
RobOwner (Aidellio)
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Jquery mobile comes to mind as well, however what the other two experts have said cover all bases and is what is generally used in the industry at the moment.
My only gripe with a template from themeforest (and anywhere for that matter) is how bloated the code is. The last one i bought had 10,000 lines of css code as well as many JavaScript plugins I didn't need. However given my design skills are about as good as a horse's calligraphy, I will always go the route of buying a theme and customising it. In addition to that, I will choose themes that have jQuery and bootstrap as they are the frameworks I know and are generally used.
Have a look at both bootstrap and jQuery mobile and see what they've got to offer and what suits you. They both do the same thing but have slightly different widgets and user experience.
You could keep asking for more but this is what is typically used in the industry and will be easier to find someone else to work on it should you need it.
>>However given my design skills are about as good as a horse's calligraphy,

haha, me too.

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