Why is this div not hidden when my page loads?

Head out to http://brucegust.com/portfolio/verizon/index_static.php. On the right hand side, you'll see a list of months with "(4)" to the right of July. Click on the number and you'll see the content below it slide out of view.

I need that content to be hidden when the page loads. What am I missing? The functionality works just fine, it's just when the page first loads, this:

Florida | FL
Louisiana | HGC
Tennessee | CATN
Mississippi | HGC

...needs to be hidden from view.

Where am I blowing it?
Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAsked:
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Jim RiddlesPrepress/OMS SpecialistCommented:
Your rendered HTML has the class as .\"slidingDivTerms\".  It seems that whatever writes that information to the page is adding a "\"" at the beginning and end.  Sort of like escaping output, but it isn't working correctly.

If you can't figure out what is causing this, then post the snippet of code on your site that generates this content and I can probably figure it out.

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Vimal DMSenior Software EngineerCommented:

Use below lines of code,



Bruce GustPHP DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Vimal, I wanted to give you some credit in that I'll keep your suggestion in mind for future scenarios. Jim, you were dead on. Thanks for weighing in!
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