Excel VBA: Code to copy data from one workbook to another

Dear all,

I'm creating a "Tool" with Excel with an external Database. So i'm working with 2 workbooks.

In the "Tool" workbook i have data on sheet (sheet5) that i want to save in the "Database" workbook. The data that i want to save is linked to other data in the database so i can't always add it on the first blank row.

Counting the rows of data that i want to add and insert that amount of empty rows in the database works, but the loop to copy the data from the "Tool" workbook to the "database" workbook doesn't.  I always receive one or another error, most of the time it's "Run-Time Error 9 - Subscript out of range".

             Set Wb = Workbooks("Database.xlsm")
                        Set Ws = Wb.Worksheets("Database")
                        Dim qty As Integer
                        Dim MyRange As Range
                        Dim MyRange2 As Range
                        Dim IDU As Range
                        Dim nr As Integer                        
                        Set MyRange = Sheet5.Range("E46:E109")
                        qty = Application.CountA(MyRange)
                        nr = 45 + qty
                        Set MyRange2 = Sheet5.Range("E46:E" & nr)
                        Range(c2.Offset(1, 0), c2.Offset(qty, 0)).EntireRow.Insert
                        If c2.Offset(1, 0) = "" Then Exit Do
                        For Each IDU In MyRange2
                        Sheet5.Range(IDU).Value.Copy _
                            Destination:=Ws.Range(c2.Offset(1, 0))
                        Set c2 = Cells(c2.Offset(1, 0).Row + 1, 0)
                        Next IDU

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c2 is declared earlier in the code and is my link to the data already existing in the database where i want to save the new data under.

It's the first time that i try to create a loop so all info is welcome ;-) Thanks in advance
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Kanti PrasadCommented:

Dim IDU As Range


Dim IDU As Variant
ManuHuygheAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the fast reaction.

Now i'm receiving Run-time error 1004 (Methode ‘Range’ of object’_worksheet failed) on this part of the code:

Sheet5.Range(IDU).Value.Copy _
                            Destination:=Ws.Range(c2.Offset(1, 0))

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When i use the Debugger i can see that it can read the value to copy, but my destination is wrongly set.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
Could you please post sample workbooks for both the source and database workbooks?
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ManuHuygheAuthor Commented:
Attached, you find the complet tool that i'm creating.

You have to save the 3 files in the same folder.

You find the part with the problem on userform "frmUnit" in "Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()"

As you can see, i have 3 points when i must be able to write data from the 'Tool' workbook to the 'database' Workbook.
2 times with "Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()"   To add new units
1 time with "Private Sub CommandButton5_Click()"     To modify existing units

I started in "Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()" because it's should be the easiest one. It's in the last part of the code of "Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()"
ManuHuygheAuthor Commented:
The problem is solved.

Instead of using
Sheet5.Range(IDU).Value.Copy _
                            Destination:=Ws.Range(c2.Offset(1, 0))

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i use
c2.Offset(i, 2).Value = IDU.Value

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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See the recommendation for more details.
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