Fix slow pc

Running Windows 7

It has plenty free space so not sure why it moves so slow

Any idea how to fix this without restoring windows???

Any recommendations???
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Asked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
What did you do to make it slow? Dodgy sites bring on viruses and malware so do scan for this.

Continued use of Office and Internet Explorer build up temporary files that slow down a computer.
Run Disk Cleanup (Admin Tools) and when it comes up, select most items for cleanup.
Run Disk Defrag (Admin Tools) after this if you have a hard drive (not SSD).

Avoid registry cleaners.

Open Task Manager and set the option to hide when minimized. The icon should be dark green meaning little to no CPU usage (normal).

Is your hard drive light ON all the time?  Disk Usage can slow down a computer. Run Resource Monitor (Admin Tools), set to the Disk Tab and let it run for a while. Is something always using disk?

Of course, I should have asked:  Was your computer ever fast?
What do you understand under "slow"? Maybe it has been slow all the time because it is using old hardware?

What are the PC's specifications?
Assuming nothing malicious is on your computer, how old is it? What processor does it have? (Celeron chips are slow). How much memory does it have? If less than 4Gb, look to upgrade, if possible.

Please post computer specs. Thanks.
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brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
Intel celeron cpu 1000M 1.80 Ghz
2 gig ram
32 bit OS
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
This is a slow PC, 32-bit architecture is slow, and 2 GB of memory is way too little for effective Windows 7 performance.  

Was this an XP machine originally?  And is there any hope of replacing it?
Agree. Go to and use their memory advisor. This will tell you what it has, what's the maximum the computer can take, and options/prices to purchase.

Adding memory may be the only cost effective solution after the computer has been verified clean of any bad stuff, disk defrag, etc.
One more thing. Check the RPM speed of your internal hard drive. You may have to take it out and look at the label or get the make/model and look it up. 5400RPM is slow. You should have at least a 7200RPM drive.
Celerons are low end CPU's, although yours is pretty new and not that bad. It is also a 64bit CPU with 2 cores, and it takes DDR3 RAM, so you should be able to increase the RAM above 4GB (but then you'd have to change to a 64bit version of Windows 7, as otherwise you are limited to 4GB with your OS).

Use msconfig to stop software you don't need to have autostarted at bootup. Uninstall other software you don't need, and as has already been mentioned, scan the system for malware. Also check your data files. If they are getting new, longer extensions that have nothing to do with the original extensions, you have been hit by a crypto virus that is at the moment encrypting all your data. This can cause a very big slow-down. Make sure you disable any networking on that PC. Then make a complete backup using boot-media (CD/DVD or USB stick), and not any backup tool installed within windows, make sure the crypto virus is disabled, and use shadowcopies or previous versions of files to restore to unencrypted files (or restore from your normal backups).

Clean out all dust so cooling is effective, and since it is a laptop, disable powersaving features when you are using mains power. Otherwise the CPU and disk etc will the throttled down whenever possible. If you are using a crappy AV tool like Symantec (Norton) which uses up a lot of PC resources, change for something better. I can recommend Panda AV free (if this isn't a business PC, otherwise you need a non-free version), it uses very low resources and I haven't had any issues with it since all the years I've been using it.

If after that it is still slow, as mentioned above, add RAM. For your OS you can have a maximum of 4GB (but your Graphic card probably shares system RAM so you may also be able to use more). You could also think of changing to an SSD disk, that will normally increase the speed a lot, or at least a hybrid disk.

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brian ramdhaniCT Technician Author Commented:
So if I make it 6 gig ram total which windows 7 I should install???

Professional 64 bit???

It currently on pro 32 bit
Yes, if you go above 4GB you need the 64 bit version of Windows 7.
If you add 4Gb to your current 6Gb, use the same memory speed. Otherwise, if you mix memory speeds, it will all run at the slowest speed memory that is installed. ie. speeds are 1066, 1333, 1600, etc.

If the 2Gb that is installed is a slower speed, it may be better to purchase faster 8Gb and don't use the 2Gb.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
What does the report from windows 7 upgrade advisor look like?
if you want to reinstall it, and have a fast PC - i recommend to install an SSD
together with the ram upgrade to 4-6 GB, this is the best you can do

if it was running fast before - it is usually the updates that are the cause (barring hardware problems)
you can do a system restore to a date it was ok, or look at the latest updates, and uninstall them
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