Dell Openmanage logs - can I increase the size? Have old things roll off? Want to avoid 'log full' messages

I get email notifications that the dell openmanage logs are full every few months.
When I go into open manage
a) there's loads of green entries, many say something like 'this is an OEM message'?
b) there's a month and day, but no year.  Since I am routinely clearing the logs I know the year, just weird it doesn't have the year - am I missing something?
c) I don't count but no more than 100? entries?

So I'd like to know is there a way:
a) to avoid logging those green entries to cut down on how soon the log fills up.
b) make older entries roll off - like the windows event logs - you can chose that when the log gets full, old things fall off.  Not sure if that's happening.  But I guess the log full email would still go out.
c)make the log capacity larger?

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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
What server model do you have? Generally, under normal error-free usage, the log could go years without filling up, so I would suspect you have a hardware error somewhere like SBE/ECC memory errors. Anything else logged in the Hardware Log? Anything displayed on the LCD on the front of the system?

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You can enable automatic log cleanup, depending on BIOS version and manufacture date it might be in BIOS, web, or accesible with command line tools over the network or from computer itself or IPMI
Especially this is one setting which  is inconsistent between same batches of servers.

Good luck!!!
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
If your log is filling up, you have run into one of these three situations:

1. Your log has reached max size due to normal conditions. See my note at the bottom.
2. You have a hardware failure and it's being continuously logged which if filling up the log file
3. Your firmware is old and needs updating.

I suggest opening the OpenManage app, scroll down to the last page of the log to see what's currently being logged so you know the current situation. if it's memory, a back plane error or communications, work on that issue. If you perform a firmware update, it will require a restart. If you have a memory chip reported bad, you need to shut it down before replacing it. I've had a single chip go bad and replaced it on a PE server and replacing it resolved my situation also.

If your log has just reached capacity for normal reasons, you can export it and then click the Clear button to clear the entries out.

The amber LED on the back of the server is probably blinking. This notes there is a problem on the server. After you resolve this issue, that LED should turn solid blue.

Here is a link on exporting the log of the open manage app.

Also, tell us the model of your server if you have further questions.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
thanks.  I am not at the server, but will open another question down the road with what the log is saying.  Not that many entries and nothing I think to be concerned about.
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