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transfer data from one html page to another html page

Hi there, this may be very easy so please humour my ignorance. I have a situation where I need to pass data in my "notes" variable to another html page and pick it up in a javascript variable on the new html screen. Usually I would send the data to a PHP file and use "GET" to obtain the data. No problems. But just found out PHP is not going to be installed. So I need to do something else.

I was thinking of using one of these two types of ways to submit data from notes to pdfcreate.html.

var notes =  player.GetVar("TextEntry1");
window.location.href = "jsPDF/mod1/pdfcreate.html?" + notes;


var notes = player.GetVar("TextEntry1");"jsPDF/mod1/pdfcreate.html?notesinput="+notes,"_newtab");

The question is on pdfcreate.html, how can I get the data received (notes) into a javascript variable? Thanks. If anyone can give me some code that would be great.
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Ok, so in your example, how do I use javascript on page.html to get the query string (some_data_here)? Thanks. It is just one variable I am sending, not multiple.
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so, far I am finding something like this to be OK. will need to test it further.

That is one wy, setting a cookie with the data and then retrieveing it .

you can set one that identifies the variable, another that has the data.
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Thanks arnold, my function was working nicely to retrieve the date from the previous screen. Thanks.