Coldfusion update query

Railo4 / Mysql 5

In my database I have a field named Address.

Some of these addresses have the string  "205" in them such as:
My Street 205
Another Street 205

How would you code up  a CF update query to remove the 205?

Any help appreciated!
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update address
  set street = replace(street,'205','')

make a copy of your table first and be sure not to delete any occurrences of 205 that should be part of the address :)

you can test it by using this in a select first...

select replace(street,'205','')
from addresses

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Bang-O-MaticAuthor Commented:
Perfect solution, Thanks!
Assuming the base values shouldn't have ANY leading/trailing spaces, you might also want to trim the values.  Otherwise, you'll end up with:

|My Street(space)|

.. rather than

|My Street|

Just keep in mind you're applying it to the whole table .. so as before - always backup first :)
Bang-O-MaticAuthor Commented:
Thanks _agx_ !
Welcome :)

BTW, I'm sure you realized this by now, but  replace(street,'205','') will also replace partial matches like "3205 Street" and "My Street 92057", etc....   Unfortunately I don't think there's anything so elegant way as a regex replace built into mySQL.  So you'd probably need to resort to a series of CASE statements if you want to replace the full value only ;-)
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