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Unable to copy file directly via UNC, but I can if I go through a different PC

Confusing enough title?  Hopefully my explanation will be clearer.

There is a scheduled task that runs weekly on a server at our office that attempts to pull a text file from a PC (WXP) at one of our remote locations.  It is simply a batch file and the line that copies the file goes something like this:

copy \\\share\textfile.txt c:\folder_on_server

Nothing too crazy, right?  It does this for multiple locations and all of them work except for one.  That one particular location fails every week.  The file is roughly 7MB in size.

I've tried opening the UNC where the text file is located via Windows Explorer on both the server and my workstation and then dragging and dropping the file.  It gets about half way and then just hangs.

Now here's the weird part.  Let's say I remotely log on to another computer at the same location as the PC that I'm unable to copy the file from.  If I open the UNC of the folder that has the file I can drag and drop it to the computer that I'm logged on to.  Even weirder, from that same remote machine that I'm logged on to, if I open the UNC of the server I can drag and drop the text file from the problem PC to the server and it copies without a problem.

I've never heard of anything like this.  Can anyone help?
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