How have reminder appear on database startup if certain criteria exists

I have a table named tblTasks.  in that table is a date field named ReminderDate.  When the database is opened I would like some kind of message box to appear for every task that has the ReminderDate equal to today's date.

How can I do this?
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Eric ShermanAccountant/DeveloperCommented:
Do you want it for the first user or each time the db starts up?

SteveL13Author Commented:
Each time the database starts up but I forgot to mention that there is also a field in the table named TaskComplete (yes/no field).  So if that field is true then no message for that task.  But if that field is false, then a message for each task due that date (today).
Anders Ebro (Microsoft MVP)Microsoft DeveloperCommented:
Well here is how I do it. I have a form that can display the tasks, and then I simply do a dCount to check if there are any. It looks kinda like this (Some edits made for clarity):
Public Function CheckTasks()
   Dim lngCount As Long
   lngCount = DCount("*", "qryTasks", "ID_User=" & UserID & " AND dtReminder<=Date() AND TaskComplete=False)
   If lngCount > 0 Then
      If vbYes = MsgBox("You have [" & lngCount & "] tasks waiting for your attention" & vbNewLine & _
            "Would you like to view them now?", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, strProjectName) Then
         DoCmd.OpenForm "frm_PendingTasks"
      End If
   End If
End Function

Note that I do dtReminder<=Date, since I figure if I miss a days work, the system should show me the tasks I missed for yesterday as well.

You can call this function with either an autoexec macro, or from a startup/main form you might have.

Hope that helps.
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Eric ShermanAccountant/DeveloperCommented:
There are several ways to accomplish your request ... Try this one for starters.  This approach will use a small continuous Form Object say we call it frmTasksDue.  

1.) Create frmTasksDue and make the Record Source for this from be a query (SELECT * FROM tblTasks WHERE ReminderDate = #" & Date() & "# AND TaskComplete = True;)

2.) On the Open Event of your Main Form for the db you will need to test and see if any records match the criteria before opening the form.

If Nz(DCount("ReminderDate", "tblTasks", "[ReminderDate] = #" & Date() & "# AND [TaskComplete] = True),0) > 0  Then
     DoCmd.OpenForm "frmTaskDue"
End If

Eric ShermanAccountant/DeveloperCommented:
Also, using my suggestion you would open the frmTaskDue in Dialog mode as shown below.

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmTaskDue", acNormal, , , , acDialog

SteveL13Author Commented:
I'm getting an error on this line:

If Nz(DCount("ReminderDate", "tblTasks", "[ReminderDate] = #" & Date() & "# AND [TaskComplete] = True),0) > 0  Then

Expected list separator or )
Eric ShermanAccountant/DeveloperCommented:
Try this ...

If Nz(DCount("ReminderDate", "tblTasks", "[ReminderDate] = #" & Date() & "# AND [TaskComplete] = True"),0) > 0  Then

Needed double quotes after True to close the criteria section.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Please remember that with any automatically recurring code, ...
That you have to consider the contingency when a day is "skipped".

For example, a work Holiday, or dates that trigger on a weekend.
...or any reason that the DB is not opened every single day... (power outages, ..etc)
Eric ShermanAccountant/DeveloperCommented:
Also, the TaskComplete criteria should be = False in both cases not True.  My mistake, sorry for any confusion.

If Nz(DCount("ReminderDate", "tblTasks", "[ReminderDate] = #" & Date() & "# AND [TaskComplete] = False"),0) > 0  Then

Create frmTasksDue and make the Record Source for this from be a query (SELECT * FROM tblTasks WHERE ReminderDate = #" & Date() & "# AND TaskComplete = False;)

Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
I agree with the idea of using a form for this, although I would probably use a listbox to actually display the data.  So I would create and save a query (qry_frm_TasksDue) with SQL

SELECT TaskID, TaskName, ReminderDate
FROM tblTasks
WHERE [ReminderDate] <= Date()
AND NZ([TaskComplete], 0) = 0

Then, when your application starts (I would put it somewhere in the LOAD event of frmSplash), I would check this query and if it has records, then I would open frm_TasksDue, something like:

IF DCOUNT("*", "qry_frm_TasksDue") > 0 then
    docmd.OpenForm "frm_TAsksDue",,,,,acDialog
End If

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