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With two gateways, system is using wrong one

I have two network cards in a system, one card is static IP and has an assigned gateway, that is the default gateway for internet access.

The second NIC is DHCP and plugged into an AirLink Modem.  The DHCP services are giving the card a Gateway address.

IN this situation I do not have access to the internet as the system appears to be using the Airlink Gateway and NOT the one assigned on the first NIC.

is there a way to route or otherwise force the system to use the correct gateway?
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Richard Murphy
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Windows doesn't handle two gateways very well, you could send certain traffic to different subnets by removing the gateway and using  that ip as your route target.
Windows does not handle two gateways at all. The metrics should determine which route to use in preference, but that does not work well.

You can make sure one gateway is used all the time by defining two more specific routes: and Those have precedence over any default route.
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Set the 2nd NIC to fixed IP. Since you already have some DHCP info, fill in a fixed IP in the range you think is reserved (usually either very high or very low) , and leave the gateway empty.
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Going to have to review comments, before I accept answer.  There were several suggestions and I will have to try them all before commenting.
Qlemo, you suggestion sounds like the one I am looking for.

Would you mind providing an example of the route Add statement for me..just put in place of actual IP numbers I will figure out the rest.
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