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solving a question

I'm relatively new to Experts Exchange. I believe I found a solution to an older question that was not answered sufficiently, but locked due to age. How can I post a suggestion? The question is here:'t-sync-Calendar-Appointments-with-Outlook-2010.html

and I was having a very similar issue, although I have a newer android version, but I have figured out how to solve it.

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Edit - I not see this option on that thread. I could see the answers when I posted this question, but now I'm told that the answers are only available to premium members. I am not a premium member (although supposedly if I could answer the question I can 'earn' a premium member status).
ScottCha, I just wanted to make sure you saw my edited post - I think you posted at the same time I edited. I can no longer see the comments or answers, due to my non-premium status.
What is your solution?  I can add it in for you.
Sure, but if you add it in, how do I get credit for a posted solution (if it works)?
Neither of us will get credit.  The question is closed as abandoned.  The solution will simply be out there to help others.
I see. That's too bad that nobody will get credit for it. Here's what I've got to add. Thanks!

My android users only had most of their calendar events syncing, but not all. It was very puzzling. The solution I found was in Mail - Settings - More Settings, under Exchange ActiveSync Settings change Calendar Sync period to "all", and check "Sync Calendar" (which was not checked off). Some of the events that weren't showing up were older recurring events, but some were one-offs and age shouldn't have been a factor. Changing these two settings worked and everything appeared for the end users. Granted this is an old question, the question was posted with Android 4.x (I can't see the comments anymore) - this was happening to me on Android 5.0.1 on Galaxy S5 phones. Hopefully it helps others with a similar problem. I'm curious if the OP was still having the issue and if this solves it.
Ok.  Added it and said the answer came from you.

In the end, it's about helping each other and getting our users up and running.  The points are nice but they won't help you look good on your job.  A good solution will.    :-)
Sure, I understand, and I'm on the same page. But there is the whole premium/freemium model here, and somewhere I read that if I answer a few questions I can "earn" the premium membership to turn off the restrictions. I can't even view your reply anymore!

Anyway, thanks for posting my reply over there, hopefully it will help someone else.