Can I have multiple URLs sharing the same code and database but preserve the URL at all time that is displayed

Is there a way to have multiple subdomains and domain all point to the same IP address but use their own data?

I have a tool for creating websites that is written using Coldfusion, jQuery and uses a MySQL database. Right now each time I create a new site I need to upload a copy of the code and create a MySQL database. This is very time consuming and I am hoping for a more automated method.

Is there way using perhaps redirects so that I can have all the subdomains and domains share the same code and database? I need to preserve the URL that is displayed to the user. Is there a way to test the URL being used and then from that I could create session variable for pointing to custom directories and the site specific tables in the database.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Yes, we do this all the time.    Each subdomain is for a different client but all the code and the database is the same.

Have the subdomains all point to the same website and database, then just distinguish your user by assigning the subdomain to a particular client.   Get the subdomain from the URL..

<cfset thisClientDomain = listFirst(cgi.server_name,".")>

Then find out which client uses this subdomain by associating it with a customer in the database...

  select customerID from customers where subdomain = '#thisClientDomain#'

Then assign it to a session variable...

<cfset session.customerID = myQuery.customerID>

Throughout the code, just fetch the records of this client...

  select * from orders where customerID = #session.customerID#

  select * from users where customerID = #session.customerID#
WestCoast_BCAuthor Commented:
Thank you gdemaria  - do you do this in OnSessionStart in Application.cfc?
You could do it onSessionStart, but if the user changes between one subdomain and another subdomain if you are using the same application.cfc for both, it will not start a new session and will not change the customer.    So, alternatively, you would do it in onRequestStart and just remember the subdomain and check to see if it changes, if it does, then fetch the customerID again

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