Interconnection from Samsung GALAXY CORE LTE Android to MacBook Pro (USB or Bluetooth)

I have been trying to establish an interconnection, via either USB or Bluetooth, between my Samsung cellphone (Android 4.2) and my MacBook Pro (mid-2012 - OS 10.9.5).  I have researched the possible methods, and have tried both USB and Bluetooth methods, each without success.  For the USB approach, my USB cable interconnection is not detected by my MacBook Pro (the blue indicator on my SIIG USB 3.0 Port Hub does not light up). For the Bluetooth approach, even with both devices successfully paired one with the other, the MacBook Pro response to "connect to network" is to initially show "connected", but then almost immediately display "Network not available".  I am currently working via Wi-Fi in the Portofino Bay Hotel, with the interconnection showing "connected".  Please advise what may have to be done to correct theses apparent failures, such that at least one method will permit me to transfer photos from my Samsung cellphone to my MacBook Pro (for easier sending attachments to my emails - I acknowledge that i could send the attachments directly from my cellphone, but the keying process is "kludgy").
Appreciatively, Arbyem
Bruce MORRISColonel (Retired)Asked:
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Michael FowlerSolutions ConsultantCommented:
Have you tried installing Kies on the MAC
Bruce MORRISColonel (Retired)Author Commented:
Hi Michael74: I had already downloaded and installed KIES for Mac.  I had to upgrade to Smart Switch (which has apparently supplanted the older KIES application), but in reviewing the content of the relevant Samsung website,I am now confused, because the description included transferring data between an older Samsung cellphone and a new Samsung device (GALAXY CORE LTE in my case). I need the necessary capability to transfer photos from my Smartphone to my MacBook Pro.  I seem to recall that I had previously transferred photos from my Samsung cellphone (an older model) using my Parallels - Windows 7 application.  Because the two OSs could co-exist coincidentally, it was easy to transfer the photos from Windows to Mac domain. Now that I have Windows 7 via Boot Camp, I have yet to try the transfer via a USB connection. If it were to work, I would have to use the additional steps involving transfer via a USB memory stick.
Any ideas as to why my USB cable connection between the Smartphone and my MacBook Pro is not functioning?
Thanks, in advance, for any assistance you can offer.
A still-confused Arbyem
Michael FowlerSolutions ConsultantCommented:
I have seen a number of posts which suggest that the cable can cause issues. Do you have the Micro-USB 3?

You could also try un-installing Kies. Use the uninstaller in the dmg and then try using Android File Transfer

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Bruce MORRISColonel (Retired)Author Commented:
Hi again Michael74: I finally tried what ought to have been my first "immediate action".  I replaced the USB cable from Samsung cellphone to my MacBook Pro (fortunately, I had a second cable used with my Samsung 110v charger unit). I used the KIES-Mac application to transfer the requisite photos successfully and further used the iPhoto app to edit them. I did not use the Smart Switch, which does not appear to do the job required.
I still do not see how to use Bluetooth, which ought to be an alternate solution.
I am closing this question by awarding points. Appreciatively, Arbyem
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