Are cloned java char[][] objects totally new?

For a chess whip up I'm doing,
I'm using a char 8x8 to store the board state. White uppercase, black lower.
I'm noticing that passing various board objects around gets moves recurring on each other, pointer madness.
If I pass .clones of the board object into methods, will it be a true copy of the character[][] grid, - new [][] and primitives created?


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No clone() won't copy the array - you'll get 2 references to the same array object, not what you want.

To see this try this block of code.  First run it with custom "clone()" method commented out, then run it with that method present.  You'll see the difference in the output for whether it truly cloned or not.  (i.e. You have to write your own clone code to make this work - Java won't do it for you).


import java.util.Arrays;

public class Board implements Cloneable {
	public int[][] m_pieces = new int[8][8] ;

	public Board copy() throws CloneNotSupportedException {
		Object copy = this.clone() ;
		return (Board)copy ;

	protected Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException {
		Board copy = new Board() ;
		for (int i = 0 ; i < m_pieces.length ; i++) {
			copy.m_pieces[i] = Arrays.copyOf(m_pieces[i], m_pieces[i].length);
		return copy ;

	public static void main(String[] args) throws CloneNotSupportedException {
		Board first = new Board() ;
		first.m_pieces[0][0] = 1 ;
		Board second = first.copy() ;
		System.out.println("First has " + first.m_pieces[0][0] + " second has " + second.m_pieces[0][0]);
		second.m_pieces[0][0] = 2 ;
		System.out.println("First has " + first.m_pieces[0][0] + " second has " + second.m_pieces[0][0]);

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beavoidAuthor Commented:
That's what I suspected :)

I'm going with this...?

char[][] superClone(char[][] board) {
		char[][] returnBoard = new char[8][8];
		for (int y=0; y<8;y++)
			for (int x=0;x<8;x++)
				returnBoard[x][y] = board[x][y];
		return returnBoard;

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Yes that's fine.

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