How to attach existing user mailbox to a new user in different domain

I have created a new user in a different domain and need to attach their existing mailbox to this new account in Exchange 2013.  I have disable the user in the other domain.  How do I do this?
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Guy LidbetterCommented:
Hi There,

In order to do this you would need to link the mailbox in this way:

Set-Mailbox -Name "Joe Bloggs" -LinkedDomainController "DC01Target" -LinkedMasterAccount TargetDomain\jbloggs -OrganizationalUnit Users -UserPrincipalName -LinkedCredential:(Get-Credential TargetDomain\Admin01)

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wayy2beAuthor Commented:
Can you not disable the mailbox and reconnect with a different user in the ECP?
Guy LidbetterCommented:
Are the accounts in the same forest?
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wayy2beAuthor Commented:
Guy LidbetterCommented:
Just run
Disable-Mailbox MailboxName
Connect-mailbox -identity MailboxName -User NewAccount

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wayy2beAuthor Commented:
Why does it take over 24 hours to appear?
Guy LidbetterCommented:
That has to do with the GAL update. Normally the GAL is updated once every 24 hours, and depending on when your Outlook client, also once every 24 hours, it will take some time to appear.

The mailbox itself should be immediately available.

To manually force an update of the default GAL:
Update-GlobalAddressList -Identity "Default Global Address List"

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Obviously if you have a custom GAL you can get the name\identity with "Get-GlobalAddressList | FL Name"

To update Outlook, have a look at this useful link which covers Outlook 2007 onwards:
Jon DoeCommented:
You'd have to run Set-AdServerSettings -ViewEntireForest $true to view objects in a different domain. The GAL is updated often, the OAB isn't, the default time for an offline address book update is 5am every day. Outlook in online mode uses the GAL, hence almost immediate updates, while Outlook in cached mode use the OAB with a once in 24 hour default download. If the client downloaded a fresh copy of the OAB at 2pm, the next update will occur at 2pm.
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