DFS Replication on different Subnet

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i have a Physical File Server sitting on a 0.10 /24 Subnet and a Virtual Server on a 13.14 /24 subnet.
they are on the same Domain Tree. when i go to set up New Replication Group Wizard and add in the Server on the 13.14 Subnet the next button is disabled.

the Physical Server is my Primary DFS.
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The text above the selection no says it all. You have to select "two or more" servers. Which means both servers need to be in server manager and have the DFS-R role and services installed.


Hi Cliff,

I have DFS working between the Primary Server and a different Server within the same subnet.

the Server out side the subnet has DFS-R role and services installed.

i can access the physical files inside the Virutal by \\Servername\folder..
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You misunderstood me. Look at the screenshot you posted. There is only one server in that list. You need a minimum of two. That's what the "add" button is for.

Because windows can (and now often is) remotely managed, it does *not* assume that the machine you are running the wizard on is going to be part of the replication group. So you have to add two servers, even if one of them is the server you are on.

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