Looks like ODBC problem

We have a custom application developed, it connects to SQL 2008 and retrieve information. It uses ODBC connection.
The application works in my computer, but when I install on other computers, it doesn't work. Below is what I ruled out the reasons. What others should I check? But strongly believe it's connection issue, but are not familiar with how to approach to troubleshoot.

1. It's not folder permission problem. I tested the application on two computer on same OS, same user, but one of them doesn't work. The error on all over the place of the application whenever it retrieves data;

 'text message group can not be retrieved' then 'object was unloaded'
'form can not be opened' then 'Element not found'
'activex component can't create object' then 'run-time error '91': object variable or with block variable not set'

2. I copied ODBC registry from the working PC and imported to the trouble PC, no luck.
3. I copied all program folder files from the working PC to the trouble PC, no luck.

4. Both computers have same OS, Windows 8.1
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Rules you should follow for all custom applications:

Never try to fix custom application. Instead take the original DVD and install it from the scratch. The installation should register all ActiveX components properly. If the vendor does not support such installation ask vendor's helpdesk to do it for you. You paid for it already.

Good custom application should offer some debugging tools which will tell what's wrong with the installation/connection. Ask the vendor for access to such tools.

Your question (or the app behavior description) does not point to problems in the ODBC data access. It just points to many bugs in the application itself. Of course, such bugs can raise due to the invalid app installation or setup... which in turn points to the helpdesk again.

To copy something somewhere without the sufficient application internals knowledge does not help obviously.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
If I were able to contact and debug the application, I probably didn't post here.
It could not be ODBC, I checked again, all ODBC settings are equal, still not working on another PC.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Some DLL files were not registered correctly.
I am glad you avoided ODBC as the possible cause BUT

how could we fix your problem if we:
- don't know the application language (OK, the r-t error 91 points to VB but such info is still useless)
- don't know the application name
- don't know about possible copy protection implemented in the app
- don't even know whether we may help (if we don't know what we are helping with we can violate EE rules)

The error messages showed, e.g. "'form can not be opened' then 'Element not found'" can be generated any Windows application you can imagine (all of them use forms and elements).

Thus the only possible answer is "Do the clean install" or "Ask the vendor". We really know less than you.

BTW, why not to ask the vendor for help? Did you buy the license for all computers where you are attempting to install the app? Does the app vendor guarantee the installation possibility? Are you sure you copied all necessary config settings which can be anywhere on the PC?

Does the application work when you create a disk image on the "correct" computer and place it to another PC?

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crcsupportAuthor Commented:
you're right. if DLL files were not registered correctly, a bunch of mixed errors. So your approach was respected and I was able to trace in the correct path.

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