How to unlock my iPhone 5s without having to wait or to pay someone to do it?

I have a iPhone 5s that is with AT&T. I would like to know, how to unlock the iPhone so I can use with another carrier. I don't want to go through AT&T website and have to wait, nor do I want to go and pay someone to do it.

Let's say when someone goes somewhere, like at a retail store to get there iPhone unlocked, what is the person they're paying exactly doing to get there iPhone unlocked?

He/she is using some kind of codes correct? What are the codes? and how do I get the codes to unlock it myself?
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Hi its simple you cant, as each unlock code is unique as it uses your IMEI number. I called up my carrier recently and asked for the code for free as id been a customer for a long time. It worked. Failing that Just find the cheapest and bite the bullet

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If you don't want to pay or wait for AT&T the only way is to do it yourself.

You are right that you need a code, but they are not so easy to comeby.

iClarified Wizard is a wizard that will tell you if a code exists for your phone. It will also tell you the tutorial to use to do the unlock. I cannot tell you as the first thing you need is your baseband version.

Do not update your phone to new software first. Go and check the wizard.

If it says you cannot, then my answer and the answer to your question with the phone you have is answered.
unipolarbearAuthor Commented:
I went to iClarified Wizard and my baseband version isn't showing up in the their list.

I stumbled upon unlockboom how is unlockboom able to do this? what is their secret? what's their process of getting this done?
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Try things like that at your own risk. Experiences. - for me there are too many bad opinions there.
unipolarbearAuthor Commented:
If I private message you guys my IMEI number, could you guys possibly find out what the unlock code would be? and walk me through how to unlock it?
I would honestly speak with your provider if you've been with them for a while they usually unlock for free
unipolarbearAuthor Commented:
I can't do that because I wasn't a customer with AT&T.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Then I suggest you talk to the person you bought the phone from, ask them to contact AT&T. About your IMEI question: EE experts can/will not do that for you for obvious reasons.
I know this does not help you, but think about the commercial reality of what you are trying to do.  

Providers give people an iphone at a significant price reduction or even for nothing, as they will recoup the cost of the iphone through the usage of their services.  Thus they lock you in to their services.

If it was easy to circumvent the locking to a certain provider then a) Apple would fix it and/or b) the providers would not offer it anymore.

Unlocking is time consuming, annoying and you always have to be careful that your baseband is not updated.

At the end of the day you might also decide that your time is better spent on other things and you just buy a phone that is not locked to a provider.
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