help with cin << string

I am attempting to run a while loop:
int main() {

	double measurement=0;
	string unit_of_measurement = " ";
	//conversion factors
	double meterToCentimeter = 100;
	double inchToCentimeter = 2.54;
	double footToInches = 12;
	double centimeters=0.0;

	//define two variables to keep track of which is smallest and largest so far
	double smallestSoFar=0.0, largestSoFar=0.0;

	cout<<"Enter a float and then hit enter.\n";
	vector<double> Values;
	unsigned int size_of_values = 0;

	while (cin >> measurement >> unit_of_measurement) {   // *** Crashes here when ft or in ***
		//convert measurement to centimeters
		if (unit_of_measurement == "m")  centimeters = measurement*meterToCentimeter;
		if (unit_of_measurement == "in") centimeters = measurement*inchToCentimeter;
		if (unit_of_measurement == "ft") centimeters = (measurement*footToInches)*inchToCentimeter;

		//Add measurement to the vector
		//Assign the size of the vector to size_of_values
		size_of_values = Values.size();
		//Using ranged based for loop
		for (double i : Values) {
			//if this is the first time around the while loop then the first value is both largest and smallest
			if (size_of_values==1) {
				cout << "The largest and smallest so far is " << measurement << unit_of_measurement <<  "\n";
				largestSoFar = centimeters;
				smallestSoFar = centimeters;
			// else determine if measurement is greater than largestSoFar or smaller than smallestSoFar (which were assigned the first time through the loop
			} else {
				if (centimeters > largestSoFar) {
					largestSoFar = centimeters;
			if (centimeters < smallestSoFar) {
					smallestSoFar = centimeters;

		cout << largestSoFar << "cm "  << " is the largest so far \n" << smallestSoFar << "cm " << " is the smallest so far: \n";
		cout << "End of Outside For Loop\n\n";
	} // end of for loop
	return 0;

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When I enter a double and "m" (bolded above), the program works as I expect.  When I try to use "in" or "ft", the program execution exits the loop and terminates.
Benjamin HelfmanAsked:
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Benjamin HelfmanAuthor Commented:
Clarification: I get the expected output when I enter a double, whitespace and then a string but not when I enter a double, no whitespace, and then a string.  When I do that, program execution exits the loop and terminates.
Your cin is parsing based on whitespaces.
If your first entry is not an integer or a double, then the parsing fails.
One way to handle the case of 14.3in is to read those 6 chars into a string, and then parse it yourself.
Benjamin HelfmanAuthor Commented:
Why does 14m work fine then?
I just put your program in VS and 14ft does not crash and the 14 and "ft" are parsed correctly. Looks like VS C++ is parsing the digits up to the first non-digit, and that is the first value going into the double.
If I enter a letter for the first character instead of a number, then the program crashed.

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