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Displaying a real time data onto your website about visitors to your website?

Dear experts,

I want to ask if its possible to set up a function where I can show how many visitors visited our site?

Is this possible, perhaps having a displayed box or button on the sidebar where the functions showcase how many visitors are actually viewing the site.

My site is a wordpress cms and utilizes the google analytics as well. I monitor real time page views via the Google Analytics Dashboard. But I want to achieve displaying a real time data analytics right from my website so visitors are able to see how many people are viewing or online.

I am sure there is a plugin that you can utilize for this service.

Thank you and I look forward to your response.

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Heather Ritchey
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This would likely be the best option:
I've only ever used it once quite some time ago and it worked nice. It's probably been updated with a lot of new features since then and easier to use.
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Hi there,

i am having difficulty with this plugin.

I entered my google tracking script / code via the the button in plugin and it did not work as the message displays

"Google Analyticator was unable to authenticate you with Google using the Auth Token you pasted into the input box on the previous step.

This could mean either you pasted the token wrong, or the time/date on your server is wrong, or an SSL issue preventing Google from Authenticating. "

These messages got nothing to do with my settings (ie: time) as they are already set correctly.

I tried to "Try Deauthorizing & Resetting Google Analyticator. " but i kept receiving the same problem.

it will just stay as it is and will not going to give me another option to re-enter my code.

That is the problem i am facing at current.

Regards, B
I just tested it at my site and it worked well. I did have to set it to enabled after entering the google code. The only thing I can think is that you're being blocked by google somehow - or possibly they were down or doing maintenance at that time.
Looks like some other people also had the same issue as you. I would give it a try posting in their support forum and they could likely provide more help:

I'm not familiar with any other plugins to accomplish this to be able to recommend something else.
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Sorry I couldn't be more help! You should be able to request attention so EE can bump this back to the top again and maybe someone else would have some ideas.
The plugin chosen to me does not work for my need as problems arouse within the plugin itself.