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From a browser window, I can launch a link using open.window.  This new popup isn't exactly a parent/child relationship though I will consider that it is in this question.  It's not a modal window.  In this popup, a form is filled in and a save button will write to a database and close the window.  The "parent" window should then show an icon on the page indicating that it's popup work was done.  I have this icon work complete but the issue is that the "parent" needs to be refreshed in order for this icon to display (the icon is displayed by reading from the database).

How would I trigger this "parent" page refresh after the "child" window save button was clicked?  Should some reference be sent via the open.window command that can then be used to refresh the caller (parent) page?
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Mukesh YadavFull Stack DeveloperCommented:

Open in new window

Here childWindow is the reference to
mock5cAuthor Commented:
What I need to know is the reference to the parent, not the child.  The parent page is open.  From there, a link is launched so now I have two windows open, the parent window and the popup child window.  After a save event occurs on the child page, the child window will close and now the parent window is the only one open.  But the parent window needs to be refreshed in order to reload data from the database (in order to update an icon and information on the page).
/* true  forces a reload from the server.  If you use false or if you omit it, the "parent" window is refreshed from cache */
mock5cAuthor Commented:
I have come to the realization that if I were to reload the parent page, then yes, the icon would show up since it's reading from the updated database.  However, suppose the parent page had controls such as text fields, checkboxes, comboboxes with values that were set.  On this parent page is the link to launch the popup window, which has a save button.  If saving the child window reloads the parent page to display the icon, this would reset the values for all of the fields on the parent form, am I correct?  That would not be ideal.  How would I go about having only the icon on the parent page be refreshed but leave all other fields on the parent page untouched so their values are not reset?
It's difficult to help you without looking at the markup of your pages but if you can get this to work:

then that means that you do have parent-child window relationship, and from the child window you should be able to access elements within the parent window.  EX: if your parent window has:
<img id="icon" src="..."/>

Open in new window

then from the child window you should be able to manipulate the <img/> using:

Open in new window

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